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eat what pleases you

While most plant-based food is made for the planet, we make Gold&Green® plant-based food for the people.

Eating plants is good for animals and the climate. We’re here to to make plant products that feel good to cook and enjoy. Gold&Green plant-based protein products are the new staple in your kitchen – easy to use, flexible to fit various tastes and dishes, and packed with protein from oats, peas and fava beans.

Couscous royale


We make great tasting food products out of great tasting plants: oats, peas and fava beans. We have both seasoned products and products you can season yourself.


Gold&Green® has plant-based products for everyday cooking: from ingredients to ready-made meals.
Whether you want a quick fix for lunch or to cook a full dinner, we’ve got you.

nacho platter


We want to make people feel good after a meal – and bring this good feeling to your kitchen, too. We care about all eaters. That’s why we create products that fit many diets: vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten free.

Good food like ours shouldn’t be limited to any diet or value base. There’s a seat for everyone here.