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We make great tasting plant-based products with oat, peas and fava beans. We have both seasoned products and products you can season yourself.

Pulled Oats

This modern plant based protein caused riots in Finnish grocery stores as foodies emptied shelves as fast as we could fill them! Gold&Green Pulled Oats just sucks every bit of your favourite seasoning in. Choose your own flavours or use our ready seasoned product variants.

Deli Oats

Served hot or cold, Gold&Green Deli Oats will settle your hunger for tasty and nutritious plant based meal in no time! Make an easy filled baguette or sandwich, or a topping good for every pizza lover out there.

Ready to use products

We make great and easy to use plant based nuggets, cutlets and dices. Just heat up in a skillet or oven and serve with your favourite sides.